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Every day, the produced volume of information in the world is impossible for a human being to process: more than 1 million tweets per day, hundred of articles, discussions on forums, social networks… By filtering and processing all the data using complex algorithms, machine learning models and the power of IBM Watson, Daneel is able to bring unique market indicators.


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  • Newsfeed: Articles

    uid: "g15Cp48PgkdeJzU11sOSS8r6UlgY0q",
    title: "World's First Crypto ETP Gets Green light in Switzerland",
    time_reading: "2 min",
    type: "media",
    category: "General",
    created_at: 1542533859000,
    description: "The SIX Swiss Exchange has given the go-ahead to an exchange-traded product tracking multiple cryptocurrencies, according to a Financial Times report. The Swiss regulators have raced ahead of the U.S., by agreeing [...]↵",
    content: "The SIX Swiss Exchange has given the go-ahead to an exchange-traded product tracking multiple cryptocurrencies, according to a Financial Times report.↵↵The Swiss regulators have raced ahead of the U. S., by agreeing to greenlight the Amun Crypto Exchange Traded Product (ETP). Based on the reports, the Amun Crypto ETP, will have half of its assets invested in Bitcoin (BTC), while the other half will be shared between Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) [...]↵",
    extract: {
    place: {
    name: "Switzerland",
    type: "country"
    keywords: (4) ["ETP", "SiX Swiss", "Wwitzerland", "exchange"],
    coins: (4) ["XRP", "ETH", "BTC", "BCH", "LTC"],
    interest_score: 3.041,
    reliability: {
    score: 0.5
    tag: "Neutral"
    sentiment: {
    score: 0.041
    tag: "Low positive"
    subjectivity: {
    score: 0.426,
    tag: "Fact"
    source: "",
    source_name: "press",
    originalImage: "",
    thumb: "",
    author: {
    name: "CCN",
    favicon: "https://248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-wpengine.netdna-s…tent/uploads/fbrfg/favicon-16x16.png?v=8j6Rkk2EwR",
    profile_url: ""
    [49 more]
  • Newsfeed: social medias

    uid: "1064005162975535100",
    text: "American Express and Santander To Use #RippleNet to Ease US-UK Cross Border Transactions - Ethereum World News #XRP",
    time_reading: "1 min",
    type: "social",
    created_at: 1542513573000,
    extract: {
    place: {
    name: "United Kingdom",
    type: "country"
    keywords: (2) ["Ripplenet", "XRP"],
    coins: (1) ["XRP"],
    interest_score: 5.639,
    reliability: {
    score: 0.4
    tag: "Be careful"
    sentiment: {
    score: 0.105
    tag: "Positive"
    subjectivity: {
    score: 0.6,
    tag: "Opinion (social)"
    source: "",
    source_name: "twitter",
    author: {
    name: "Underground News (@undrgrndnews)",
    followers: 2649,
    profile_url: ""
    [49 more]
  • Market Sentiment

    score: 6.61,
    sentence: "I detect positive feelings on the recent in press articles, but users are mostly negative on social networks about #BCH.",
    details: {
    press_score: 7.03,
    twitter_score: 6.10,
    reddit_score: 5.87,
    forums_score: 7.51,
    steemit_score: 6.24,
    medium_score: 6.95
  • Risk score

    score: 5.82,
    sentence: "The currency has an important market cap. (#5), but the trend is downward, and the feeling on social networks is quite negative.",
    details: {
    sentiment_score: 6.61,
    price_trend_24h: -8.01%,
    price_trend_7d: -4.21%,
    volatility_7d: 6.84,
    [3 others]
  • Knowledge content
    /api/v1/ask?q=What is Blockchain

    text: "Blockchain (or "Distributed Ledger Technology") is an automated, transparent, secure information storage and transmission technology that operates without a central control body. It is a protocol allowing several actors to have a distributed register, in order to share information with confidence and without intermediaries. Each network actor has a complete and updated copy of all transactions carried out since the network's creation.",
    content: {
    video: {
    title: "How does a Blockchain work",
    link: "",

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