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Avoid noise, manipulated, and sponsored content.

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Instant access to all market data and its analysis.

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Learn and discover about new projects with Daneel.

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  • Get instant prices

    Access market data

    Due to simplicity of usage, it has never been easier to obtain real-time data on the state of the market by sending a request to Daneel. He will keep you informed daily about the price of your favorite cryptos, their volume, and their capitalization. Moreover, you will be able to get information about the best rates, exchanges data, biggest gainers/losers, and many more features.

  • Learn new things


    No matter if you are a newbie or an expert, with Daneel, you will always learn more about the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies through its educational program. Every day you will discover new projects, new technologies, new applications and much more directly within your dashboard turning you into a well-informed investor.

  • Search news

    Understand the market

    By processing current news and Daneel's natural language understanding, you will get the best information that meets your needs when you need it most. Want to understand why the market is crashing? Keep calm and ask Daneel about what’s happening!

  • Discover new projects

    Last ICOs

    Tired of always missing the best investment opportunities? Do you always feel like you have the information after everyone else? Daneel will not let you down: with a single click you will have access to the best projects of the moment from your dashboard or by simply asking Daneel. In addition to finding the best projects, he will propose a rating and all useful information available around the project. What else?


You are flooded with too much information.

Fake-news are everywhere. Don't worry, Daneel is here to help you.

With Daneel A.I. engine, he helps you to find reliable information in real time.

The system collects all information from media, social networks, and forums then cross-checks information and compares it. Furthermore, the system analyzes user trends and feelings.

Collecting data from 500 sources of information.

Gathering, filtering, processing.

The produced volume of information daily in the world makes it impossible for a human being to process: more than 1 million tweets per day, hundred of articles, discussions on forums, and social networks...
Daneel is able to bring unique market indicators by filtering and processing all the data using complex algorithms, machine learning models, and the power of IBM Watson.

Your personalized newsfeed

Selection of relevant data

Thanks to Daneel's algorithms, you will save time by getting only the most relevant information from the market. All articles are analysed and rated with a sentiment and reliability score supporting you to judge the interest of the information.

Avoid noise and fake-news

In order for your experience to be optimal, daneel hides excess and repetitive information and identifies and processes fake news to provide you with the best news daily. You'll never get a tweet from a fake McAfee account again!

Your own feed

Only want to see EOS related news? Just select EOS from your Newsfeed and here we go: you only have the information you need, no distractions! Thanks to his machine learning algorithms, Daneel will also keep in mind your questions and will adapt his answers to best meet your needs.

Powerful insights and analysis.

New trends

Daneel analyzes the trends on social medias and give you an overview of the most quoted crypto or technology. This will allow you to follow the trends daily.

Market sentiment score

By analyzing all available data from social medias, forums and crypto related websites, Daneel provides you with a sentiment score. This will give you an overview of the market temperature over a specific crypto or the global market and so, inform you about the trust and confident.

Already used by 1,000 traders, and trusted by WeSprint, StationF, ChainAccelerator, EEA, & IBM.