Legal mentions

Daneel Assistant OÜ company,
Narva mnt 5, Kesklinna linnaosa,
Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10117,

Mail: [email protected]

ICO conditions of participation

I have read and I understand the Terms and Conditions as described in the document « Daneel WhitePaper », and accept and respect all conditions, obligations, representations, and warranties detailed in the document.

I declare and certify that I am not an "American Person" within the meaning of US Securities Act 1933 S, nor a Canadian citizen, or a citizen of the Republic of Singapore. I declare and certify that I am not and will not be acting for a third person.

I declare and certify that I have inquired about the conditions of the sale and the laws applicable to my participation in my country of residence. I certify that they authorize me to participate in the sale of Daneel tokens. I further certify that the laws applicable in my country do not: prohibit me from participating in it, limit my participation, or prevent me from holding DAN tokens. If my participation is not in accordance with legislation, the company or its officers can not be held liable.

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